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Gymnastics for Under Fives

Early childhood is a time of tremendous growth and learning. Gymnastics is the perfect sport to support your child’s physical, social, cognitive and emotional development! In our gymnastics classes, under five’s are given the opportunity to explore and test themselves in a supportive safe environment. Children will learn fundamental gymnastics skills which will help develop physical literacy. It’ s not just about handstands and cartwheels (although there’s plenty of them too!), it’s learning and developing body control, strength, spacial awareness, balance, coordination, how to land and fall, fitness and different ways of moving! Our classes are fun, challenging and developmentally appropriate. When your preschooler gets involved in gymnastics, you are setting them up for success!

We ask parents to participate with their children in our preschool classes. We understand that at this young age, children are most comfortable and confident when their parent or carer is close by. For some children, you may need to be by their side giving them encouragement, others may want you to watch from a distance. Either way is fine as long as you are available to support your child when needed! You don’t need any gymnastics knowledge or training – our coaches have got that covered – but we encourage you to get involved as much as you can; learning is a social process and your child is likely to follow your lead.

One of the biggest concerns parents have with starting gymnastics is that their child “doesn’t know” yet. PLEASE COME ANYWAY! We don’t expect that your child will already be capable of doing forward rolls or handstands, or know how to wait to take turns, or be able to accurately follow instructions, or always want to complete an activity. These are skills that they will learn by participating and our primary aim is to ensure that their learning experience is enjoyable.

Tuesday 9:15-10am
$130 per 10 week Term
Tuesday 10am-11am, Thursday 10am-11am, Saturday 8am-9am
$155 per 10 week Term
Expressions of Interest
* Note: Siblings and other children not enrolled the class are unable to participate in the class and are not covered under our personal injury insurance.

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